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Article in Barrhead News about Barrhead Karate Club

A nice “wee” article in Barrhead News on Wedn. May 1st about the talented members of Barrhead Karate Club. Some nice pictures too.

Sharing it here for you to see, or download the PDF here .Thanks to Cameron Buchanan for scanning and sending 😉

J.K.A.Camp in Windsor London, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Just confirming details of the forthcoming

J.K.A.Camp in Windsor London

DATE 3rd. /4th. /5th. MAY 2019




Grading registration from 12.30pm

Friday Grading and course Registration 12.30pm

Friday Training  starts       2pm

Saturday Training starts   3pm

Sunday Training starts     10.30am – 1.30pm

Saturday Grading Registration 11.30am ( before training due to hall restrictions)


As the course will be very busy please complete the booking form which will appear on the website

Gradings up to 5th Dan will take place. Price details will follow

More info and  to follow.

DOC- form here: jka spring camp 2019 (1)

PDF- Form here: jka spring camp 2019 (1)

Download and print/fill in.


Kenny Taylor

Next Course and Grading..

Kawasoe Sensei’s course and Grading  Friday Sept.  in St. Modens  School 6.30pm   Saturday  15th Paisley Lagoon Centre 12.30pm and Sunday 16 St. John’s School Perth 10 am

DECEMBER WILL BE ; SAME VENUES AND TIMES: Dates; 30th Nov.  1st Dec. and 2nd Dec. 2018

More News

This title encompasses both West and East Scottish Groups and will be for JUNIOR/CADET/ADULT ON SATURDAY 10TH NOVEMBER STARTING 9AM in LAGOON LEISURE CENTRE, PAISLEY. Forms and timings will be with you shortly, also on the WEBSITE

We are in the process of having over 30 new Coaching Licences issued to our Instructors by the Governing Body S.K.G.B. as official and approved by SPORT SCOTLAND . We will publish on the website all names as it is a great achievement by our Instructors. I would like to thank them all for the time and effort in completing these courses.

These friendship Championships will be open to all our friends who are interested. we will send out details if you contact us using the website and our contact e-mail. We have had a great response in the past and would like to continue with the multi nation competition. Details by December 2018, check website.

Summer Camp Report

The 2018 J.K.A.W.F. Scotland Summer Camp and Dan Grading were held 14th – 16th of August this year at the New venue near Glasgow. This venue is only 5 minutes from Glasgow Airport and in the centre of Paisley.
This was so successful that we intend to hold the event every year at this excellent venue,accommodation was less expensive than Edinburgh and the train to the centre of Glasgow only take 11 minutes and run every 15 minutes.. If flying into Edinburgh Airport the train only takes 45 minutes to Glasgow, so all in all a convenient and livly venue.
The course was Instructed by Kawasoe Sensei and Shina Sensei over the 3 days with really good and structured training for all grades. The course was attended by over 170 Black Belts and many brown and kyu grades,classes were split and Instructors changed twice daily. Both Instructors displayed great enthusiasm and effort in every class, encouraging and inspiring students to achieve greater skills.
All kyu and all gradings including 5th Dan took place on Saturday afternoon, withover 69 students taking Black Belt Gradings. Shina Sensei and Kawasoe Sensei gave advice and were very helpful in giving advice to all candidates. The pass rate was very good and everyone appreciated the support and advice given.
Helen our webmaster will update the site over the next week or so, please send in comments sign up for updates to come through to you automatically, this will keep you up to speed with the official information for the rest of the year and 2019 also. I would like to hold a Winter Course in the future as an extra with different Instructors invited, including Kawasoe Sensei of course, I will let you know.


J.K.A 2018 Spring Camp, Windsor, England!

A Course officially sanctioned by J.K.A. H.Q at

The course will be held with attendance of J.K.A. H.Q instructor and includes dan gradings up to 5th dan.

Friday         27th April    1:30pm.

Saturday    28th April   9:00am-11:30am

                     followed by Grading to 5th dan.

Sunday      29th April    10:30am.

£99 for 3 days or £75 for 2 days.

All welcome!

NOTE: All Federations may publicise the course on social media, websites etc. from today, I apologise for the late notice as we have been waiting for some time on official confirmation from J.K.A.H.Q.

Any further queries e-mail K. Taylor at:



To all clubs listed under these pages,- you are responsible for updating your calendar/events.

Send PDF or list to Webmaster and it will be put up as soon as time allows


Happy New Year! one and all!

stjerne..As you may have noticed, info about the JKA WIndsor Spring Camp 2016 is allready out + the calendar for 2016. Please read information carefully!

Any questions/comments regarding courses, events, training etc MUST be adressed to Kenneth Taylor , Martin Cracknell or Stevie Weir or send a message on JKA Afro-Eurasia Facebookpage! ;).. NOT webmaster..

It is now time to update info from different clubs allready in here,- this can be sent to Webmaster.

Be good and behave! 🙂




Championships 14th November!




Attending were over 250 athletes from all over Scotland, with events to suit children and adults alike, also to organise and oversee fair play were 47 Referees and Judges.
           Every person received a commerative medal and some contestants went home with 3 or 4 different trophies, but everyone received recognition of their achievements.
          From Sensei Taylors Club and Perth dojos, came over 15 gold medallists, and 4 double gold medallists, a great achievement from the young talented athletes. The fighting amongst the adult competitors was fantastic, they had obviously put plenty of work in beforehand, giving exciting and enjoyable displays of real Karate technique. The younger athletes put in a very classy display of Kata and pre arranged fighting showing their determination and courage in each round. Spectators were in great abundance and cheered each of their clubs on to victory, a truly great day for all.
          To finish a note front C.E.O. of J.K.A. Afroeuraisa in Scotland Sensei Kenny Taylor 6th Dan J.K.A.
” A Championships which was a pleasure to officiate and participate in, the immaculate behaviour and sportsmanship that was shown by all the athletes is a credit to the Club Instructors and students. I hope to hold the sequel this coming February of the Scottish J.K.A.KATA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016
Thank you all once again for participating and officiating at this great event “
Watch for our brilliant calendar of 2016, some great course with J.K.A.H.Q. Instructors and brand new events throughout the year
Photos: Ceri- Ann Grant

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Saturday 14th Nov. 2015
Lagoon Leisure Ctr. Christe st. Paisley start 10am

Dear Members, Mums and Dads,
We would like to invite you and your children come along to have a great experience at the Annual Scottish Championships. This year we have added more categories to accommodate everyone, beginners included, everyone will receive a memento for taking part.
There are events which encourage children to participate at their own level win fantastic medals and giant cups to win. This kind of event is important to everyone as it helps to build confidence when taking part in Exams and we would ask you to consider letting the children compete, and give them a fun day on 14th. November.

The J.K.A. Scottish Championships for Junior/Cadet/Senior is open to anyone training in J.KA.W.F.S. and Tora Kai. Anyone who are members are asked to participate in these Championships.
Every Chief Instructor has details about this and the Category Forms. These must be completed by the Monday 26th October as the entries have to be in by the 1st November

JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships – Friendly Championships 2015 successfully completed

II AEKC 2015 FWe would like to thank JKA Italia for hosting the 2nd JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships and thank all of the organizers and support staff that went into making this another resounding success of a Championship. We would also like to thank each of the 18 countries that attended the Championships, all of the athletes, Team Managers and Coaches as well as all of the supporters from these countries and all of the referees and officials that helped to keep the 2 days running. This Championship is billed as a Friendly Championship and after the weekend we can certainly say that as one of our goals for these Championships then this was a sure fire success with everyone in the arena joining hands for an excellent rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” – showing the co-operation and friendship that all countries brought.
It was a perfect area for this type of Championship with plenty of things to do before and after the Championships for the teams and supporters in a very scenic area of Italy.

A sincere thank you to Mori Sensei ( JKA WF HQ Executive Director) , Naito Sensei, Kamino Sensei and Kawasoe Sensei for their presence and endorsement of these championships.



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Finals & Winners

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Preliminary rounds ( new slideshows to come from Finals & Winners) 

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Good times at Windsor!

A little reminder of the great course in Windsor last weekend, considered by many to be one of the best so far. A good crowd of a few hundred participants enjoying the teachings of the fabuolous senseis Mori, Ueda and Kawasoe.. Reportedly a hard (as it should be) and  high spirited, enjoyable course. Congratulations all round to participants and to all who passed their grading!   All images and footage: courtesy of Bjørn Helge Bakke, Norway (Copyrights)

Some videofootage from the weekend:

More videos can be found here:


Regarding forms…

You will now find a word-format form for the JKA Spring Camp – Windsor 2015 under the Forms/Applications – section. It should automatically download to your device.

PDF- forms.. steps to follow

Steps to follow; Save the form to you pc or mac, open in Adobe Acrobat,(download if you do not have it !! as forms will come in this format).. on top right you should find “fill in and sign”.. choose add tekst (T)..or ( V) for boxes,- fill in text and boxes, save and send.. 😉

New form now out!

A new form, “re-vamped” is now out under the Forms/Application section. This form is for Affiliation to JKA Afro-Eurasia.

Open, save, fill in and send 😉

PS: PDF- format

A growing “family”..

jkawf logo blackWe are pleased to announce new members to the AfroEurasian family: JKAWF AfroEurasia INDIA and JKAWF AfroEurasia BANGLADESH.

JKAWF Afro-Eurasia FRANCE / JKAWF Afro-Eurasia FRANCE Facebook

Links also  in right hand sidebar.

from WebMaster To all related clubs on this site..

stjerne..We are well into the new year and let’s hope it will be a good one!

However.. if you have necessary updates you would like have done to YOUR page here under Related clubs and/or Events/calendar, such as training schedules, calendar/events etc.. you are asked to send this information to WEBMASTER from the contactpage only, not in comments ;).

Find examples under Related clubs;Avoniel & Redburn SKC, and Events/Calendar;Calendar Ireland/Northern Ireland

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