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Kawasoe Summer Camp Edinburgh 2011

All participants

All participants gathered


This year we had 3 fantastic J.K.A. Instructors, Sensei Kawasoe, Sensei Naito and Sensei Omura Director for J.K.A. all Oceanic Countries. This was the biggest course in 30 years to be held at Heriot Watt University. With over 11 countries visiting, it was really great!

Scotland is held in great regard as to it’s role in hosting these International events, and the very warm welcome to new and regular visitors, from kyu grades to high ranking Dan grades. There was a record number of students from the U.K. this year, and as you will see from the photographs, our numbers have increased this year by almost 30% , proving that Traditional Karate and the organisation with a true pedigree, are propagating in numbers and in organisation.

We welcome all those who are interested in advancing their knowledge of Japanese Original Karate, we also welcome clubs and Instructors from organisations outside J.K.A. and I.T.K.F. to train with us and participate in our events. Many old friends came along and renewed their commitment to Traditional Karate, Kawasoe ,Naito and Omura Sensei’s welcomed them, as it should be.

Training was over 3 days and classes were split into  Sandan and above , first and second dan, and kyu grades. The instructors rotated after 1.1/2 hours with a small break in-between for rest and water. The first sessions in the morning were covering the fundamentals of Kihon, and the next session was usually Kata or Kumite, thereby giving a broad range of things to work upon in each category.

We were treated to some spectacular demonstrations of just what everyone could achieve by training with the top Japanese Instructors, as you will see in some of the pictures and on the small video clips.

All Kyu-grades

 Please feel free to attend any of our events,details of which can be found on this website. The site is updated every month and a yearly calendar of events is published, next year we are inviting many other great J.K.A. and other Instructors for you. Feel free to contact Kenneth Taylor at: for any more information you may require.




All Black-belts

Also watch this and also Karate magazines for information on Kawasoe Sensei now that the Japan Karate Association has welcomed him back. Our thanks to all the many Instructors who came to training and to their students for their commitment and support to our worldwide organisation, Sensei Kawasoe sends his best wishes, and welcome to a new era , thanks also to the J.K.A. Instructors who came and showed support for this new co operation from truly Traditional Karate training.

A “teaser”- slideshow from the happenings over the weekend,- more to come, with categorized albums and videoclips soon !  🙂


(Images in posts;Copyrights reserved : Helen Petersen)

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 2012 Windsor and Edinburgh camps:

 We will be holding special classes for all grades of children with the Japanese Instructors, the lessons will be adapted to suit and compliment the age group, hope to see you all there.

One response

  1. Excellent course.
    Sensei Kawasoe was awesome and instructive as ever.
    Sensei Omura was “PURE JKA”… “LOVED” everything he taught and especially the way he taught it…a TRUE GENTLEMAN and a fantastic karateka…”RESPECT”. Alun, my brother remarked after the first lesson with Omura Senei…”Hey, that was like the lesson Dave Hooper used to give in 1987 “.. (Dave Hooper lives in Japan and trains with Sensei Omura in Thailand.)
    Thank you for a warm welcome from all the WTKF who travelled up from North Wales…Ossss


    September 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm

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