official site Kawasoe-Group

Notice to ALL readers/users of this site!!

The instructors of the clubs affiliated can send e-mails direct to webmaster through contactpage for alterations of their club-spot on this site, i.e a few images (5-10 small jpegs..) from the club ,- Just make sure you have consent from person/s on the image! ! Any info./updates they need out send as text. No problem fixing that as the year goes along.

About use of content!:

We see that some images from the Kawasoe- wordpress site have been used on some club-webpages , and I take that as a compliment.

However, it is customary to notify/ ask permission for use of images and also credit the photographer. We would aprecciate this line of conduct to be followed in the future. Failing to do so, the clubs run the risk of being invoiced by the photographer..

All photography on Kawasoe-site (not club-sites) are Copyright : Helen Petersen unless otherwise stated ( in which case you credit the photographer stated.).

The above also applies to content copied from the site; and one quotes where it has been found or apply a link.  😉

Sounds strict, but it is a necessary line to follow and appropriate conduct.

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