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Ticket Sale Afro-Eurasia Championships: beware Limited Number!

Tickets for Afro-Eurasia Championships have a limited number, so to ensure your seat book your tickets a.s.a.p

The ticket Sec. Mr. McGarrity will be back on 18th of April and anyone can e-mail him for tickets to be booked,but you may e-mail Mr Taylor until 18th if you wish to ensure you get a seat at this event.

The tickets will be sent out on 21st April onwards to all those who have requested them, and are assured of seating.

All Club Instructors have been sent self addressed envelopes in which you can send your cheques for ticket payments to, and tickets will be sent on 21st April. Please ask for detailed leaflets which have also been sent to all Club Instructors, this leaflet answers all questions you may have about pricing and times etc.

Mr. McGarrity:


Mr. Taylor:

Dont delay as seating in the main Arena is limited to 5oo and demand is increasing daily!!

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