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Just a wee reminder that this Sunday (21 st. April) sees the next Squad Training and Referees Seminars in the Lagoon Centre, Paisley at 2pm to 4pm.

Can you please remind everyone of this event and get as many people as you can to attend.  We need to have as many people who are looking to go for a place in the Scotland squad for the JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships to attend as this is the last session before the team selection takes place.  I know that some people cannot attend but they have already attended the past sessions – this is OK as they will still be considered for a place in the team. …
For the referees – please get as many people to attend for this as this is the last chance to get some practical training in before Windsor.  After having attended a judging seminar at the JKA Spring Camp in Japan there are a few slight changes that they have made to the judging and also some points that they have emphasised that need to be done so I need to go over these with people.  Also having experienced the judging testing I also need to make people aware of this too.  Referees please bring your JKA Refs manuals.
Also if time and score keepers wish to attend this will be good practical work for them too.
Remember that these sessions are also open to all brown and black belts so please remind your students of this.
I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday and please ask people to be on time as we are looking to get a flying start as there is a lot to get through.
Many thanks
Steven Weir

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