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Official Results from the Afro- Eurasian Championships JKA WF

Female Individual Kata

1st.          Italy                      Francesca Barnaba

2nd.       Norway                  Marianne Hasle Dahl

3rd.        Italy                        Elena Gasparetti

Female Team Kata

1st.            Italy

2nd.         England

3rd.          Norw.

Female Individual Kumite

1st.           Italy                      Valeria Marelli

2nd.        Norway                  Nora Elmrani

3rd.         Germany               Vivien Weiselowski

Female Team Kumite

1st.           Italy

2nd.         England

3rd.          Norway

Male Individual Kata

1st.           Germany                 Philip Grahl

2nd.         Italy                         Andrea Gasparetti

3rd.          Israel                       Gili Baruch

Male Team Kata

1st.           Italy

2nd.         England

3rd.          Switzerland

Male Individual Kumite

1st.           Norway                 Mostafa Elmrani

2nd.         Switzerland           Luca Sericano

3rd.          England                 Leon Gordon

Male Team Kumite

1st.          Italy

2nd.        Switzerland

3rd.         England

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