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The Organisers would like to thank all of the athletes, Team Managers, Coaches, Spectators, Referees, support staff and VIP’s who made the inaugural JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships a resounding success. We would like to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback that we have received and we are so happy that people have raved about the hospitality and the organisation of the Championships. We appreciate all of the hard work in the training and the travelling that a lot of people had to do to attend these Championships and without all of the athletes and their support staff then we could not have been able to make this a success.
We would also like to thank Mori Sensei for taking the time, along with Kamino, Naito and Kawas…oe Senseis to hold a referees seminar on the Friday and to give more practical training and guidance to all of the referees attending the Championships.
Again we would like to thank Mori Sensei for his positive comments and words of encouragement on the Championships. It is a great honour to have the backing and support of the JKA HQ for these Championships.
Lastly we really appreciate the time that members of Government, both national and local, gave to attend the Championships and we were pleased that Jim Murphy MP accepted the post of Honorary President for the Championships. Along with Mr Murphy we had Hugh Henry MSP and Mark McMillan Local Council Leader attending. Plus we had the backing of Douglas Alexander MP.
We thank everyone who participated and attended the Championships – it was all of you who made this a success. We are grateful to one and all.
Steven Weir
JKA Afro-Eurasia Committee

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