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Special Class on JKA Kyu and Dan Grading Requirements

jkawf logo black Special Class on JKA Kyu and Dan Grading Requirements

 A class will be held at Barrhead Sports Centre on Tuesday 6th August at 7.30pm to focus on the syllabus for JKA Dan and Kyu gradings. 

 The class will focus on the physical key points that the examiners will be looking for and also to see how the techniques should be executed as per the JKA requirements.  There is no charge for this class so everyone is welcome to come along, instructors and students to gain more knowledge into the Dan and Kyu grading requirements especially for those sitting Dan Gradings at Heriot Watt.

 If you need any more info please e-mail:


You can now find the JKA Certification rules and guidelines, Dan- and Kyu-grading Syllabuses here:

JKA Certification Rules and Guidelines

JKA Dan Grading Syllabus

JKA Kyu Grading Syllabus

NB: These can also be found under  JKAWF Afro-Eurasia  in top menu.

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