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Heriot Watt course 2013


Some information on the J.K.A Official Course at Edinburgh this year, attending were Sensei Mori M.D. J.K.A.H.Q. Tokyo, Sensei Kamino, Sensei Naito from Italy and Sensei Kawasoe from U.K.

This year we also held an official J.K.A. Referees and Judges course, this followed on from the April Course in Windsor London with many candidates receiving their official J.K.A. qualifications in Judging and Refereeing, from J.K.A H.Q.  The course was over 3 days with practical and theory exams taking place, also new candidates took part for the experience and the course was free and the attendance was really good.

The training consisted of two classes each day, changing Instructors after each class, it was the largest course held in the U.K. with J.K.A. and the instructors structured it tremendously well. The variety of teaching is a credit to the superb quality of these Individuals and their ability to build classes covering all aspects from beginners to the highest grades. We thank members from over 15 countries who attended; this is what it is about, friendly environment, quality of J.K.A. instructors, and helping people to attain their goals in Grading and Refereeing, not forgetting improving their karate skills, the most important.

Next year we will have an April course with J.K.A.H.Q. Instructors in London, everyone is welcome, our courses are open to all Shotokan practitioners.

JKA Afro-Eurasia is growing with clubs and Associations joining on a monthly basis, this is great news for J.K.A.H.Q.  As the membership increases year upon year we are arranging many more activities to establish the open door policy of JKA Afro-Eurasia and the J.K.A.H.Q. Keep checking our website for updated information on J.K.A. activities throughout the world.

The future is looking bright, come and join us. JKA Afro- Eurasia is for everyone who would like to be a part of the J.K.A.H.Q. Organisation. For details e mail or contact us anytime.

Phone: +44 07766953067 / +44 07879698121

Slideshow from the weekend, all images courtesy of Steven Weir:

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