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2016 J.K.A. Camp 19th-21st August in Edinburgh Scotland


This being the 34th  year this Camp has been held in Heriot Watt University with Sensei Kawasoe J.K.A. our Chief Instructor in the U.K.

This new £33 million Sport Centre for excellence has been secured for this camp for future years and is hosted by Kenny Taylor J.K.A.
The event is one of the largest J.K.A. Camps in the U.K. and within the fabulous new “Oriam Centre “ is able to hold easily 2-300 students in the one dojo. It is state of the art with so many ultra modern facilities
This year we hosted 15 countries and over 250 students with 4 J.K.A.Instructors,- this included J.K.A. Dan Gradings and Refereeing Qualifications
A big thank you to all the instructors and we are hoping to add many more next August 2017 at this event.
A big thank you to all the clubs throughout the world who brought students and a great friendly atmosphere to this camp. We welcome all to this camp and also the J.K.A.Windsor Camp, London( last weekend in April 2017). It is open and friendly, be sure of a great welcome.
Keep watching this website/ facebook for all events connected to J.K.A.
Best Wishes to all
Kenny Taylor

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