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Summer Camp Report

The 2018 J.K.A.W.F. Scotland Summer Camp and Dan Grading were held 14th – 16th of August this year at the New venue near Glasgow. This venue is only 5 minutes from Glasgow Airport and in the centre of Paisley.
This was so successful that we intend to hold the event every year at this excellent venue,accommodation was less expensive than Edinburgh and the train to the centre of Glasgow only take 11 minutes and run every 15 minutes.. If flying into Edinburgh Airport the train only takes 45 minutes to Glasgow, so all in all a convenient and livly venue.
The course was Instructed by Kawasoe Sensei and Shina Sensei over the 3 days with really good and structured training for all grades. The course was attended by over 170 Black Belts and many brown and kyu grades,classes were split and Instructors changed twice daily. Both Instructors displayed great enthusiasm and effort in every class, encouraging and inspiring students to achieve greater skills.
All kyu and all gradings including 5th Dan took place on Saturday afternoon, withover 69 students taking Black Belt Gradings. Shina Sensei and Kawasoe Sensei gave advice and were very helpful in giving advice to all candidates. The pass rate was very good and everyone appreciated the support and advice given.
Helen our webmaster will update the site over the next week or so, please send in comments sign up for updates to come through to you automatically, this will keep you up to speed with the official information for the rest of the year and 2019 also. I would like to hold a Winter Course in the future as an extra with different Instructors invited, including Kawasoe Sensei of course, I will let you know.


J.K.A. International Summer Camp 2018

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J.K.A 2018 Spring Camp, Windsor, England!

A Course officially sanctioned by J.K.A. H.Q at

The course will be held with attendance of J.K.A. H.Q instructor and includes dan gradings up to 5th dan.

Friday         27th April    1:30pm.

Saturday    28th April   9:00am-11:30am

                     followed by Grading to 5th dan.

Sunday      29th April    10:30am.

£99 for 3 days or £75 for 2 days.

All welcome!

NOTE: All Federations may publicise the course on social media, websites etc. from today, I apologise for the late notice as we have been waiting for some time on official confirmation from J.K.A.H.Q.

Any further queries e-mail K. Taylor at:



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Happy New Year! one and all!

stjerne..As you may have noticed, info about the JKA WIndsor Spring Camp 2016 is allready out + the calendar for 2016. Please read information carefully!

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