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Announcement and Note..

Edinburgh J.K.A. Scottish Summer Camp 2012

Fr. L.: Taylor sensei, Naito sensei, Mori sensei, Kawasoe sensei

This year was fantastic, the head of the JKA, Managing Director Sensei Mori attended along with Sensei Naito and Sensei Kawasoe.

The course was attended by over 200 students over three days, mostly brown and black belts with a smaller number of mixed kyu grades.

Mori sensei

Sensei Mori was in his element, teaching kumite with the basics needed to succeed in this part of training, teaching at a level all could follow. On Friday he taught the first hour on this subject, then the classes were split with Naito and Kawasoe sensei’s teaching Kata and Kihon for the rest of training.



Kawasoe sensei

Saturday and Sunday followed a similar pattern and was really well structured, Naito was his dynamic self and Kawasoe sensei showed how true JKA Shotokan Karate should be taught and performed. Gradings for kyu and Dan took place on Saturday with exactly 100 students trying for various levels of black belt, this is one of the largest grading ever, a credit to the organisation  of the “Kawasoe Group”.


Naito sensei

After the gradings there was a great party held in the Campus with live “X- factor”-people singing as part of the entertainment. We have had great feedback and everyone really enjoyed the training, so keep looking on this site, or better still, sign up and receive notification of all new posting on the site as we still have a fabulous calendar of events to come this year and next. Tell your friends to have a look at what we do, to see if they would like to be part of this great “Group”.    Our thanks to all the JKA Instructors and thanks to all the students who came along to this Summer Camp 2012.Look for details of next years events. Check the photos!!

( All photos in this article : Copyright: Steven Weir)

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Pictures from Windsor Spring Camp 2012

We have received some photographs taken during training-sessions at the Windsor Spring Camp 2012, and compilated them into a small slideshow.

Thanx to Steven Weir !!  ;)..who have all rights reserved. We have room for more? Anyone??

View the slideshow here: Windsor Spring Camp 2012 




Windsor Spring Camp 2012 – slideshow



27th.-29th. April


Sensei Mori

(Managing Director JKA)

              Sensei Naito (JKA), Sensei Kawasoe(JKA)


   + other guest instructors

Frid. 27th.     Starts 13.30 – 16.30

Sat. 28th.       Starts 11.15 – 14.15

Sund. 29th    Starst 11.15 – 14.15

grading: saturday 28th – All grades. 

Sensei Kawasoe Open Courses

Sensei Kawasoe holds courses throughout the U.K. on regular basis, our organisation welcomes visitors (non members U.K.T.K.F.) for training at these events.

As we have a large membership we must consider our members first, this includes number of classes, size of venue, type of training, etc. therefore if anyone wishes to attend any of our events please contact our Chairman Mr. Ken Taylor as a courtsey on 07766953067 or e- mail : for details, times etc. and permission to attend. You can do this via our contactpage above.

This enquiry will be transmitted to the local Club Instructor for his approval and therefore ensuring no disruption to our membership.