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JKAWF Scotland Summer Camp 2019

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J.K.A 2018 Spring Camp, Windsor, England!

A Course officially sanctioned by J.K.A. H.Q at

The course will be held with attendance of J.K.A. H.Q instructor and includes dan gradings up to 5th dan.

Friday         27th April    1:30pm.

Saturday    28th April   9:00am-11:30am

                     followed by Grading to 5th dan.

Sunday      29th April    10:30am.

£99 for 3 days or £75 for 2 days.

All welcome!

NOTE: All Federations may publicise the course on social media, websites etc. from today, I apologise for the late notice as we have been waiting for some time on official confirmation from J.K.A.H.Q.

Any further queries e-mail K. Taylor at:


Championships 14th November!




Attending were over 250 athletes from all over Scotland, with events to suit children and adults alike, also to organise and oversee fair play were 47 Referees and Judges.
           Every person received a commerative medal and some contestants went home with 3 or 4 different trophies, but everyone received recognition of their achievements.
          From Sensei Taylors Club and Perth dojos, came over 15 gold medallists, and 4 double gold medallists, a great achievement from the young talented athletes. The fighting amongst the adult competitors was fantastic, they had obviously put plenty of work in beforehand, giving exciting and enjoyable displays of real Karate technique. The younger athletes put in a very classy display of Kata and pre arranged fighting showing their determination and courage in each round. Spectators were in great abundance and cheered each of their clubs on to victory, a truly great day for all.
          To finish a note front C.E.O. of J.K.A. Afroeuraisa in Scotland Sensei Kenny Taylor 6th Dan J.K.A.
” A Championships which was a pleasure to officiate and participate in, the immaculate behaviour and sportsmanship that was shown by all the athletes is a credit to the Club Instructors and students. I hope to hold the sequel this coming February of the Scottish J.K.A.KATA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016
Thank you all once again for participating and officiating at this great event “
Watch for our brilliant calendar of 2016, some great course with J.K.A.H.Q. Instructors and brand new events throughout the year
Photos: Ceri- Ann Grant

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Saturday 14th Nov. 2015
Lagoon Leisure Ctr. Christe st. Paisley start 10am

Dear Members, Mums and Dads,
We would like to invite you and your children come along to have a great experience at the Annual Scottish Championships. This year we have added more categories to accommodate everyone, beginners included, everyone will receive a memento for taking part.
There are events which encourage children to participate at their own level win fantastic medals and giant cups to win. This kind of event is important to everyone as it helps to build confidence when taking part in Exams and we would ask you to consider letting the children compete, and give them a fun day on 14th. November.

The J.K.A. Scottish Championships for Junior/Cadet/Senior is open to anyone training in J.KA.W.F.S. and Tora Kai. Anyone who are members are asked to participate in these Championships.
Every Chief Instructor has details about this and the Category Forms. These must be completed by the Monday 26th October as the entries have to be in by the 1st November

JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships – Friendly Championships 2015 successfully completed

II AEKC 2015 FWe would like to thank JKA Italia for hosting the 2nd JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships and thank all of the organizers and support staff that went into making this another resounding success of a Championship. We would also like to thank each of the 18 countries that attended the Championships, all of the athletes, Team Managers and Coaches as well as all of the supporters from these countries and all of the referees and officials that helped to keep the 2 days running. This Championship is billed as a Friendly Championship and after the weekend we can certainly say that as one of our goals for these Championships then this was a sure fire success with everyone in the arena joining hands for an excellent rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” – showing the co-operation and friendship that all countries brought.
It was a perfect area for this type of Championship with plenty of things to do before and after the Championships for the teams and supporters in a very scenic area of Italy.

A sincere thank you to Mori Sensei ( JKA WF HQ Executive Director) , Naito Sensei, Kamino Sensei and Kawasoe Sensei for their presence and endorsement of these championships.



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Finals & Winners

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Preliminary rounds ( new slideshows to come from Finals & Winners) 

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Regarding forms…

You will now find a word-format form for the JKA Spring Camp – Windsor 2015 under the Forms/Applications – section. It should automatically download to your device.

JKA UKTKF Championships in Leeds 2014

The organisers of the JKA/ UKTKF National Championships in Leeds would like to thank each and every competitor who took part in the event.

You all helped to make the Championships a resounding success and also help in the smooth running of them. The level of karate was very high and it was a joy to watch and somewhat difficult to judge at times.  We hope that everyone had a great Champs and we would especially like to congratulate all of the medal winners – well done.
See you all at the next UK Championships.

Emma Eaton

Emma Eaton

The Future of JKA Karate is Bright
Triple GOLD Medal place winner at 2014 JKA/ UKTKF National UK Championships in Leeds Emma Eaton (13 years old) from JKA WF Scotland
Fantastic Achievement!

More about the championships; Images, results here:

JKA UKTKF Championships 2014







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Heriot Watt course 2013


Some information on the J.K.A Official Course at Edinburgh this year, attending were Sensei Mori M.D. J.K.A.H.Q. Tokyo, Sensei Kamino, Sensei Naito from Italy and Sensei Kawasoe from U.K.

This year we also held an official J.K.A. Referees and Judges course, this followed on from the April Course in Windsor London with many candidates receiving their official J.K.A. qualifications in Judging and Refereeing, from J.K.A H.Q.  The course was over 3 days with practical and theory exams taking place, also new candidates took part for the experience and the course was free and the attendance was really good.

The training consisted of two classes each day, changing Instructors after each class, it was the largest course held in the U.K. with J.K.A. and the instructors structured it tremendously well. The variety of teaching is a credit to the superb quality of these Individuals and their ability to build classes covering all aspects from beginners to the highest grades. We thank members from over 15 countries who attended; this is what it is about, friendly environment, quality of J.K.A. instructors, and helping people to attain their goals in Grading and Refereeing, not forgetting improving their karate skills, the most important.

Next year we will have an April course with J.K.A.H.Q. Instructors in London, everyone is welcome, our courses are open to all Shotokan practitioners.

JKA Afro-Eurasia is growing with clubs and Associations joining on a monthly basis, this is great news for J.K.A.H.Q.  As the membership increases year upon year we are arranging many more activities to establish the open door policy of JKA Afro-Eurasia and the J.K.A.H.Q. Keep checking our website for updated information on J.K.A. activities throughout the world.

The future is looking bright, come and join us. JKA Afro- Eurasia is for everyone who would like to be a part of the J.K.A.H.Q. Organisation. For details e mail or contact us anytime.

Phone: +44 07766953067 / +44 07879698121

Slideshow from the weekend, all images courtesy of Steven Weir:

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Official Results from the Afro- Eurasian Championships JKA WF

Female Individual Kata

1st.          Italy                      Francesca Barnaba

2nd.       Norway                  Marianne Hasle Dahl

3rd.        Italy                        Elena Gasparetti

Female Team Kata

1st.            Italy

2nd.         England

3rd.          Norw.

Female Individual Kumite

1st.           Italy                      Valeria Marelli

2nd.        Norway                  Nora Elmrani

3rd.         Germany               Vivien Weiselowski

Female Team Kumite

1st.           Italy

2nd.         England

3rd.          Norway

Male Individual Kata

1st.           Germany                 Philip Grahl

2nd.         Italy                         Andrea Gasparetti

3rd.          Israel                       Gili Baruch

Male Team Kata

1st.           Italy

2nd.         England

3rd.          Switzerland

Male Individual Kumite

1st.           Norway                 Mostafa Elmrani

2nd.         Switzerland           Luca Sericano

3rd.          England                 Leon Gordon

Male Team Kumite

1st.          Italy

2nd.        Switzerland

3rd.         England


And last but not least … the WINNERS !! Closing Ceremony and awards.

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Kumite Finals..

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Kata finals..

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Opening Ceremonies..

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Saturdays eliminations rounds..

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JKAWF Afro- Eurasian Championships 2013


Today is the Day …

Today is the Day when it all begins.  The registration for the JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships.
We welcome athletes from all different parts of the globe to Scotland to compete in these inaugural Championships under the watchful eyes of Mori Sensei (JKA HQ), Kamino Sensei (JKA) and Kawasoe Sensei (JKA) as well as local government officials, MP’s and MSP’s.
We wish all the teams, athletes, officials, volunteers the best of luck in competing, judging, scorekeeping, administration, etc and hope everyone has a great weekend.
Let the matches begin.

Steven Weir
JKA Afro-Eurasia Organising Committee


Ticket Sale Afro-Eurasia Championships: beware Limited Number!

Tickets for Afro-Eurasia Championships have a limited number, so to ensure your seat book your tickets a.s.a.p

The ticket Sec. Mr. McGarrity will be back on 18th of April and anyone can e-mail him for tickets to be booked,but you may e-mail Mr Taylor until 18th if you wish to ensure you get a seat at this event.

The tickets will be sent out on 21st April onwards to all those who have requested them, and are assured of seating.

All Club Instructors have been sent self addressed envelopes in which you can send your cheques for ticket payments to, and tickets will be sent on 21st April. Please ask for detailed leaflets which have also been sent to all Club Instructors, this leaflet answers all questions you may have about pricing and times etc.

Mr. McGarrity:


Mr. Taylor:

Dont delay as seating in the main Arena is limited to 5oo and demand is increasing daily!!


Please note that we have just been contacted by the official hotel for the JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships and they only have 40 rooms left for the weekend.  The rooms are filling up fast so if you are wanting to stay at the official hotel and take advantage of the special discounted rate then please book as soon as possible.  In the information pack that was last sent out you will also find details of other nearby hotels.  But please note that arranged transport too and from the venue will only happen from the official hotel.
Many thanks
Steven Weir,  JKA Afro-Eurasia Organising Committee
Due to the great response we have had so far for participation in the inaugural JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships being held in Scotland, UK in May we are having to ask countries to send in a confirmation e-mail of their attendance.  This is to ensure that we can register their participation as we can only facilitate a certain number of countries.  Once we reach the limit we will have to inform countries that we may not be able to accept them.  The closing date for e-mail confirmations is March 29th. Please e-mail: … Please note that this does not affect the registration of your countries squad/ referees/ coach’s details – this deadline is still 12th April.  By this time all participating countries should have registered their teams either on line or by post.  Please ensure that if registering by post you allow enough time for your entries to reach the administration address by 12th April. For countries requiring UK Visa information please visit to the following website: As well as all the countries who will be attending we will also be welcoming to the Championships members of the JKA HQ Shihankai, UK Government ministers and Japanese Government officials. These Championships will showcase the best karate of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Western Asia and augment existing Championships as well as creating new opportunities for karate-ka to come together and compete.  We are very excited to be part of this and we hope that all countries will be also, We look forward to welcoming you to the Championships. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tel: 0044 (0) 7879 698121
Best regards
Steven Weir
JKA Afro-Eurasia Organising Committee show more

UK Border Agency | Home Page

You can apply here for immigration services such as visas, leave to remain, settlement and citizenship. We will help you to find and complete the form you need.

Tickets Afro-Eurasian Championships

Tickets for the Afro-Eurasian Championships, 11th. – 12th. May  are now available!

Saturday 11th. Only (Eliminations) :                   6 Pounds

Saturday 11th. & Sunday 12th. (Finals):            15 Pounds

(Finals: only 2 day ticket applies)

All tickets/for purchase contact:

Sean McGarrity, tel: 01505 358 088


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For those of you who haven’t been in here very recently you will see that the site has changed…slightly.. 🙂

A new page has also emerged: JKAWF Afro-Eurasia    – where you will find the latest news. You can also click on the image in the sidebar and it will take you to the same page.

Also the Forms/Application page has been updated with newer relevant forms like DAN- Grading form and DAN- exam- record-form to download/save, fill in and send via e-mail. NO HAND WRITTEN APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.

More to come…… 😉 Webmaster

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Announcement and Note..


The calendars have now been updated; Events/Calendar, Main calendar and Calendar Scotland..

Edinburgh J.K.A. Scottish Summer Camp 2012

Fr. L.: Taylor sensei, Naito sensei, Mori sensei, Kawasoe sensei

This year was fantastic, the head of the JKA, Managing Director Sensei Mori attended along with Sensei Naito and Sensei Kawasoe.

The course was attended by over 200 students over three days, mostly brown and black belts with a smaller number of mixed kyu grades.

Mori sensei

Sensei Mori was in his element, teaching kumite with the basics needed to succeed in this part of training, teaching at a level all could follow. On Friday he taught the first hour on this subject, then the classes were split with Naito and Kawasoe sensei’s teaching Kata and Kihon for the rest of training.



Kawasoe sensei

Saturday and Sunday followed a similar pattern and was really well structured, Naito was his dynamic self and Kawasoe sensei showed how true JKA Shotokan Karate should be taught and performed. Gradings for kyu and Dan took place on Saturday with exactly 100 students trying for various levels of black belt, this is one of the largest grading ever, a credit to the organisation  of the “Kawasoe Group”.


Naito sensei

After the gradings there was a great party held in the Campus with live “X- factor”-people singing as part of the entertainment. We have had great feedback and everyone really enjoyed the training, so keep looking on this site, or better still, sign up and receive notification of all new posting on the site as we still have a fabulous calendar of events to come this year and next. Tell your friends to have a look at what we do, to see if they would like to be part of this great “Group”.    Our thanks to all the JKA Instructors and thanks to all the students who came along to this Summer Camp 2012.Look for details of next years events. Check the photos!!

( All photos in this article : Copyright: Steven Weir)

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Windsor Spring Camp 2012 – slideshow



27th.-29th. April


Sensei Mori

(Managing Director JKA)

              Sensei Naito (JKA), Sensei Kawasoe(JKA)


   + other guest instructors

Frid. 27th.     Starts 13.30 – 16.30

Sat. 28th.       Starts 11.15 – 14.15

Sund. 29th    Starst 11.15 – 14.15

grading: saturday 28th – All grades. 

Sensei Kawasoe Open Courses

Sensei Kawasoe holds courses throughout the U.K. on regular basis, our organisation welcomes visitors (non members U.K.T.K.F.) for training at these events.

As we have a large membership we must consider our members first, this includes number of classes, size of venue, type of training, etc. therefore if anyone wishes to attend any of our events please contact our Chairman Mr. Ken Taylor as a courtsey on 07766953067 or e- mail : for details, times etc. and permission to attend. You can do this via our contactpage above.

This enquiry will be transmitted to the local Club Instructor for his approval and therefore ensuring no disruption to our membership.