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Good times at Windsor!

A little reminder of the great course in Windsor last weekend, considered by many to be one of the best so far. A good crowd of a few hundred participants enjoying the teachings of the fabuolous senseis Mori, Ueda and Kawasoe.. Reportedly a hard (as it should be) and  high spirited, enjoyable course. Congratulations all round to participants and to all who passed their grading!   All images and footage: courtesy of Bjørn Helge Bakke, Norway (Copyrights)

Some videofootage from the weekend:

More videos can be found here:


PDF- forms.. steps to follow

Steps to follow; Save the form to you pc or mac, open in Adobe Acrobat,(download if you do not have it !! as forms will come in this format).. on top right you should find “fill in and sign”.. choose add tekst (T)..or ( V) for boxes,- fill in text and boxes, save and send.. 😉

New form now out!

A new form, “re-vamped” is now out under the Forms/Application section. This form is for Affiliation to JKA Afro-Eurasia.

Open, save, fill in and send 😉

PS: PDF- format

A growing “family”..

jkawf logo blackWe are pleased to announce new members to the AfroEurasian family: JKAWF AfroEurasia INDIA and JKAWF AfroEurasia BANGLADESH.

JKAWF Afro-Eurasia FRANCE / JKAWF Afro-Eurasia FRANCE Facebook

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Some images from the Edinburgh Camp 22nd-24th. August… More to come ;)


20140823_140438-1Some images sent to us from the summercamp i Edinburgh, courtesy of Jarl Meland.  More from the camp to come soon.

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