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Good times at Windsor!

A little reminder of the great course in Windsor last weekend, considered by many to be one of the best so far. A good crowd of a few hundred participants enjoying the teachings of the fabuolous senseis Mori, Ueda and Kawasoe.. Reportedly a hard (as it should be) and  high spirited, enjoyable course. Congratulations all round to participants and to all who passed their grading!   All images and footage: courtesy of Bjørn Helge Bakke, Norway (Copyrights)

Some videofootage from the weekend:

More videos can be found here:


PDF- forms.. steps to follow

Steps to follow; Save the form to you pc or mac, open in Adobe Acrobat,(download if you do not have it !! as forms will come in this format).. on top right you should find “fill in and sign”.. choose add tekst (T)..or ( V) for boxes,- fill in text and boxes, save and send.. 😉

New form now out!

A new form, “re-vamped” is now out under the Forms/Application section. This form is for Affiliation to JKA Afro-Eurasia.

Open, save, fill in and send 😉

PS: PDF- format

A growing “family”..

jkawf logo blackWe are pleased to announce new members to the AfroEurasian family: JKAWF AfroEurasia INDIA and JKAWF AfroEurasia BANGLADESH.

JKAWF Afro-Eurasia FRANCE / JKAWF Afro-Eurasia FRANCE Facebook

Links also  in right hand sidebar.

Some images from the Edinburgh Camp 22nd-24th. August… More to come ;)


20140823_140438-1Some images sent to us from the summercamp i Edinburgh, courtesy of Jarl Meland.  More from the camp to come soon.

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Videos from Afro-Eurasia Championships 2013

Ticket Sale Afro-Eurasia Championships: beware Limited Number!

Kawasoe Afro- Eurasia JKA WF

Tickets for Afro-Eurasia Championships have a limited number, so to ensure your seat book your tickets a.s.a.p

The ticket Sec. Mr. McGarrity will be back on 18th of April and anyone can e-mail him for tickets to be booked,but you may e-mail Mr Taylor until 18th if you wish to ensure you get a seat at this event.

The tickets will be sent out on 21st April onwards to all those who have requested them, and are assured of seating.

All Club Instructors have been sent self addressed envelopes in which you can send your cheques for ticket payments to, and tickets will be sent on 21st April. Please ask for detailed leaflets which have also been sent to all Club Instructors, this leaflet answers all questions you may have about pricing and times etc.

Mr. McGarrity:


Mr. Taylor:

Dont delay as seating in the main Arena…

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Summer course in Norway with Kawasoe sensei ++

summercourseNTKF2013Norways Traditional Karate Foundation holds their annual summer course in Tønsberg 22nd. – 25th of June  with kawasoe Sensei, Naito Sensei and Taylor sensei.

Please see information in english about this years summer course here:


Norways Traditional Karate Foundation:


Please note that we have just been contacted by the official hotel for the JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships and they only have 40 rooms left for the weekend.  The rooms are filling up fast so if you are wanting to stay at the official hotel and take advantage of the special discounted rate then please book as soon as possible.  In the information pack that was last sent out you will also find details of other nearby hotels.  But please note that arranged transport too and from the venue will only happen from the official hotel.
Many thanks
Steven Weir,  JKA Afro-Eurasia Organising Committee
Due to the great response we have had so far for participation in the inaugural JKA Afro-Eurasia Championships being held in Scotland, UK in May we are having to ask countries to send in a confirmation e-mail of their attendance.  This is to ensure that we can register their participation as we can only facilitate a certain number of countries.  Once we reach the limit we will have to inform countries that we may not be able to accept them.  The closing date for e-mail confirmations is March 29th. Please e-mail: … Please note that this does not affect the registration of your countries squad/ referees/ coach’s details – this deadline is still 12th April.  By this time all participating countries should have registered their teams either on line or by post.  Please ensure that if registering by post you allow enough time for your entries to reach the administration address by 12th April. For countries requiring UK Visa information please visit to the following website: As well as all the countries who will be attending we will also be welcoming to the Championships members of the JKA HQ Shihankai, UK Government ministers and Japanese Government officials. These Championships will showcase the best karate of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Western Asia and augment existing Championships as well as creating new opportunities for karate-ka to come together and compete.  We are very excited to be part of this and we hope that all countries will be also, We look forward to welcoming you to the Championships. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tel: 0044 (0) 7879 698121
Best regards
Steven Weir
JKA Afro-Eurasia Organising Committee show more

UK Border Agency | Home Page

You can apply here for immigration services such as visas, leave to remain, settlement and citizenship. We will help you to find and complete the form you need.

JKA UKTKF Championship 2013 Final Results

S1 – Senior – Individual –   Open Kata Kyu Grades (18yrs+) Ben Ayrton Jason Middleton Yvonne Beck
S2 – Senior – Individual –   Open Kata Dan Grades (18yrs+) Karolina Marzenta Vicky Charlesworth Eleanor Pearson
S4 – Senior – Individual –   Male Kumite All Grades (18yrs+) John Lowe Francis Robertson Ben Ayrton
S5 – Senior – Team –   Female Kata All Grades (18yrs+) Perth A Brothock Perth B
S6 – Senior – Team – Male   Kata All Grades (18yrs+) Perth A TKA Boston Perth B
S7 – Senior – Team –   Female Kumite All Grades (18yrs+) Perth A Brothock Perth B
S8 – Senior – Team – Male   Kumite All Grades (18yrs+) Brighouse TKA Boston Perth A
Sensei Kawasoe Special Awards                  
Junior Competitor of the day   Erica Barker  
Senior Competitor of the day   John Lowe           

JKA/ UKTKF British Championships

Well done to all of the JKA WFS students and instructors who took part in the JKA/ UKTKF British Championships at Paisley Lagoon Centre of Saturday 16th March. Was a great turnout from the association and we took away loads of medals and cups. Great karate and spirit from you all. We are so proud of you guys. WELL DONE !!!!

A full list of the medal winers coming soon and also photos of the event on the website at coming soon.

Steven Weir

Images : JKA/ UKTKF British Championships 2013


Scotland N.J.S. training..


new images in gallery..

kawasoecourse feb 2013 copyright steven weir (3) copy Some shots from the Kawasoe – course held in Paisley, Perth & Alva , 22nd.- 24th February 2013.

Go via link: kawasoecourse feb.2013 or look in the Gallery-section under Training 😉

All photos Copyright: Steven Weir

Fundraising Dance and Tickets.. ;)

Fundraising Dance for the Afro-Eurasian Championships  with LIVE BAND will be held at

 St. Peter’s Social Club, Glenburn, Paisley on the 22nd. of March. Starts at 7.00 pm.
Tickets are limited !!,- so throw yourselves around and contact Sean McGarrity for purchase of tickets.

Tickets: 10 pounds each

Contact Sean McGarrity on tel: 01505 358 088

Now out..

2013 UKTKF & JKA National Championships Entry Form is now out for download here

Save, fill in , print and  send as instructed in the Instructor letter here.


Notice to ALL readers/users of this site!!

The instructors of the clubs affiliated can send e-mails direct to webmaster through contactpage for alterations of their club-spot on this site, i.e a few images (5-10 small jpegs..) from the club ,- Just make sure you have consent from person/s on the image! ! Any info./updates they need out send as text. No problem fixing that as the year goes along.

About use of content!:

We see that some images from the Kawasoe- wordpress site have been used on some club-webpages , and I take that as a compliment.

However, it is customary to notify/ ask permission for use of images and also credit the photographer. We would aprecciate this line of conduct to be followed in the future. Failing to do so, the clubs run the risk of being invoiced by the photographer..

All photography on Kawasoe-site (not club-sites) are Copyright : Helen Petersen unless otherwise stated ( in which case you credit the photographer stated.).

The above also applies to content copied from the site; and one quotes where it has been found or apply a link.  😉

Sounds strict, but it is a necessary line to follow and appropriate conduct.

Videos and Links..

Missing the videos ?

They are still there, now in the drop-down-menu under Gallery. Instructors: if you have any good links to similar videos out there, send the link and I will put it in there.

New Link in sidebar: JKA WF Scotland on Facebook

Do your club have a Facebook- page ?? let me know and it will be put on your club-page in drop-down-menu  if you wish..;).. use contact-page to e-mail webmaster                    🙂

Edinburgh course 2011

pics coming soon 😉 !!