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JKA/ UKTKF National UK Championships 2014

Date: Saturday 22nd March

 Venue: Leeds Metropolitan University, City Campus, Leeds, LS1 3HE

 Closing date for entries is 7th March and all correctly filled out forms are to be returned with the correct monies to:

FAO Martin Cracknell

1 Ruddiman Drive, Laurencekirk

Aberdeenshire, AB30 1

Any enquiries contact:

Mobile: 07730 816787





events list 2014

JKA/ UKTKF British Championships 2013

Well done to all of the JKA WFS students and instructors who took part in the JKA/ UKTKF British Championships at Paisley Lagoon Centre of Saturday 16th March. Was a great turnout from the association and we took away loads of medals and cups. Great karate and spirit from you all. We are so proud of you guys. WELL DONE !!!!

A full list of the medal winers coming soon and also photos of the event on the website at coming soon.

Steven Weir

Images : JKA/ UKTKF British Championships 2013

JKA UKTKF Championship 2013 Final Results

S1 – Senior – Individual –   Open Kata Kyu Grades (18yrs+) Ben Ayrton Jason Middleton Yvonne Beck
S2 – Senior – Individual –   Open Kata Dan Grades (18yrs+) Karolina Marzenta Vicky Charlesworth Eleanor Pearson
S4 – Senior – Individual –   Male Kumite All Grades (18yrs+) John Lowe Francis Robertson Ben Ayrton
S5 – Senior – Team –   Female Kata All Grades (18yrs+) Perth A Brothock Perth B
S6 – Senior – Team – Male   Kata All Grades (18yrs+) Perth A TKA Boston Perth B
S7 – Senior – Team –   Female Kumite All Grades (18yrs+) Perth A Brothock Perth B
S8 – Senior – Team – Male   Kumite All Grades (18yrs+) Brighouse TKA Boston Perth A
Sensei Kawasoe Special Awards            
Junior Competitor of the day Erica Barker
Senior Competitor of the day John Lowe    


Please be aware:

STKF AND JKA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 have changed date and venue!

The new date is : 10th. of November, 2012

Venue: Lagoon Leisure Centre, Paisley

Entry forms will be issued within the next 3 weeks.

Date for the U.K.T.K.F junior/senior and cadet championships:

The U.K.T.K.F  junior/senior and cadet championships will be held on the

17 th. of March 2012 at

Thornton Y.M.C.A. Sports Ctr.,Thornton Cleveleys, Victoria Rd.  East,


START : 10.00 AM

More information to follow ;)

March 19th saw the U.K.T.K.F.  annual championships being held in Thornton Cleveleys near Blackpool.

about to begin…

This year, despite the economic climate, saw the biggest Traditional Championships ever, with no fewer than 320 athletes from Northern-Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland taking part.

With over 40 clubs sending juniors, cadets and seniors, it was a very busy day. 6 areas were used all the time, as many more referees and judges had qualified this year,- and gave a great account of themselves. It was amazing, no complaints or disputes were recorded, and it was a pleasure to watch the efficiency of the organizers.

We also hosted a lot of Euorpean visitors from new clubs who have joined Sensei kawasoe since last year. These athletes were of a good standard and won quite a few trophies, good luck to them as they were made very welcome.

All the countries took home prizes, and there were a few surprises from the Juniors, real new talent,  who we hope will expand on their success and enter throughout their careers in Traditional Karate.

Sensei Kawasoe

Sensei Kawasoe was, of course, overseeing the whole event, which was organized by Martin Cracknell in conjunction with our Chief Referee John Errington, and appointment of Steve Kirrelly as Main Referee for the day. Sensei thanked them for the work and effort put in, making this the most successful Championships ever for the U.K.T.K.F.

Our thanks also goes to all the judges, referees and table officials who worked through a long day to ensure the success of this event.

Kenny Taylor has retired  from organizing this event after 20 years, most people agreed with this decision!  Or,- maybe he just wanted to have one last team fight in the senior event?- well, he did anyway, although his team didn’t win. Maybe we could hold a pensioners KATA or kumite event next year ?, “65 isn’t old, just antique”, and as Kenny said:  “I am valuable, but only to myself”. Well done Kenny, Tommy and Dougie, the “baby” of the team at around 40+.

There will be plenty of action to come on our 2 Blog-sites with events and links to Wales and the other two nations. We also had guests from the J.K.A who were impressed at the new look and competition standard, and we will have newsletters printed and sent to every club in U.K.T.K.F. every 3 months, but on the blog-sites you will find updates every month, with gradings and instructors, info of prizewinners, profiles of champions etc. so don’t forget to sign up, as there will be prize draws each quarter for those who sign up to receive all the news throughout Europe and also from Japan.

Sensei Kawasoe would like everyone to try and organize through their own clubs fundraising to send to the JAPANESE RED CROSS.

If you are willing to help in this appeal for the victims of the disaster, please contact Kenny Taylor by e-mail and we can give you details of what/how to do etc.


Adress/ for more information:


TEL/FAX: 01505 359768 (Office Hours)

Kenny Taylor

14 Kings Cres.


Johnstone, PA5 9AA

Scotland, UK

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  1. Hi! already many years I am trying to join Nato and Sensei kawasoe not know how.
    Could anyone give me the information I need for me to join Nato Kawasoe Sensei?
    Thank You
    My email:

    November 19, 2011 at 12:34 am

    • Hi!
      The best thing for you to do at this point to contact Taylor sensei via our contact page, here you can send a direct e-mail to him and he will answer your questions. 😉

      November 19, 2011 at 11:03 am

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