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 The organisation of U.K.T.K.F. was formed in 1990, at the start many people wanted to have Kawasoe Sensei as their Instructor, therefore he formed this body within the U.K.

He had a good relationship with most of the large Shotokan organisation in the U.K. and Europe due to his travelling and teaching in these countries. Before the formation of his own organisation he and Kenny Taylor had enjoyed the hospitality of many European Instructors and made many lifelong friends, this included, and still does, top Japanese Instructors.

The organisation joined I.T.K.F. with Sensei Nishiyama, and is still in active membership. U.K.T.K.F., and most of the original students (the long term), and genuine students are still training on a regular basis with their own clubs. Our athletes compete on a regular basis in European and World Championships with I.T.K.F.

U.K.T.K.F. is closely linked in over 11 countries with Kawasoe Sensei at the helm, and Kenny Taylor involved as President of U.K.T.K.F.

It is a credit to Kawasoe Sensei, the standard and friendship shown by all the students and all the Instructors in his group. This is very evident at National and International courses when they meet and reaffirm their commitment to this organisation of Traditional Karate.

The organisation has a fantastic array of talent and it’s progressive Youth and development training schedule is second to none. We are constantly working to be better at organising, welcoming, and maintaining a training standard which befits Kawasoe Sensei’s wishes.

The only criteria Kawasoe Sensei has is:

“You must put your GI on “ and train with a good heart.

Lastly, we welcome people to come and train with us, nothing more!